Behavioral analysis

As a behavioral analyst I include a number of things in my analysis by default:

Issues such as participant, observer, space, clarity and safety, which explain their behavior and desires in the event of their absence.

From this route every behavior can be explained and influenced. In my research into behavior in relation to the formula of Einstein E = MC2 (Energy is mass times the speed of light squared), I show that this formula can also be used on behavior and influenceability of man.

Emotion(s), desires and behavior are the starting point for me as a behavioral analyst! What you often see in change processes, negotiations and reorganizations is that emotions and desires are next and laws and regulations lead.

I work the other way around; from my work as a behavioral analyst, the emotions, desires and behavior are decisive for me and are followed by legislation and regulations. The result is faster effectiveness, greater support, faster positive synergy for the short and long term.

“I now understand where the tensions in my team come from”

My approach is always: “people, desires and behavior”

Whether we put 10 people in a building (company) or 2 people in a house (relationship) everything can be traced back to people, desires and behavior. Behavior and desires can be analyzed and influenced as a result of which a turn can occur, resulting in positive synergy in both the short and the long term. 

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