Conflict mediation

Practical examples as a conflict mediator / Negotiator:

  • The management team isn’t able to work together, resulting in unrest on the shop floor, unclear working methods, conflicts, cash flow loss and undermining insecurity.
  • The advisor of a government leader needs help to keep his head above water during election period. There are conflicts, how do I convert these into electoral opportunities?
  • I am in a reorganization; despite the fact that people are averse to change is it the only constant, how do I make sure to get my staff with me?
  • I am clear in my communication. How is it that the staff does not understand me?
  • My team suffers from tensions, gossip, but I can not put my finger on it. How do I expose the core of the case?
  • An employee wants a salary increase; does not get this and report sick. (SME company). The negotiations are stuck, the employee is at home and refuses to hand in business property (company information, laptops etc). I managed the negotiation of the employees with the result that the employee was back to work within 5 working days. There was also room to negotiate an exit. The employee left the service in such a way that both the employee and the CEO were satisfied.
  • An insurance broker abroad has an international insurance company from India (turnover billion +) as a customer. He sends an interim manager to the insurance broker to keep an eye on things. The interim manager has his eye on another job, but doesn’t manage to get it. The result is a fight for the chair, resulting in a quarterly loss of $ 150,000 (the conflict had been going on for 1.5 years). In this case, together with the CEO, I determined the strategy, presented it to the board and led the negotiations (with good results), so that the insurance broker was free to carry out the right work. The language of instruction was English.

“The team is working well together again and the working atmosphere is now very pleasant”

My approach is always: “people, desires and behavior”

Whether we put 10 people in a building (company) or 2 people in a house (relationship) everything can be traced back to people, desires and behavior. Behavior and desires can be analyzed and influenced as a result of which a turn can occur, resulting in positive synergy in both the short and the long term. 

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