Grief counseling

Grieving is a painful and tough process. No one can tell you how long the grieving process lasts. It depends on various things, such as the (emotional) connection you had with that one person.

Grief counseling can cover many different aspects of this process:

  • grief
  • gloominess
  • anger
  • feelings of guilt, about said or unsaid things
  • fatigue, exhaustion, panic attacks
  • shock
  • decreased appetite
  • headache

As a medium I can help and guide you during this process. Know that you never have to grieve alone! In my office, I have guided several people with this tough process. It may not be all wonderful, but grieving will be (slightly) more tolerable and lighter so that you can continue living!

“You never mourn alone”

Mrs. X had an argument with her mother the night before her mother died and ran away angry. Years later she still suffers from a feeling of guilt. After a number of sessions, where I could answer her questions and give her insights, she was able to give it a place and move on with her life. She is now married and is a mother herself.