Who am I

As a business coach, I have trained and advised various CEO’s, entrepreneurs, directors and management on important choices they had to make, and with great success. After more than 15 years as a business coach, I have decided to share my spiritual gift with the world. Spirituality is often seen as something woozy, but my Rotterdam sobriety shows that this doesn’t have to be that abstract. As a guide, I will give you practical tips and insights to walk your path (again).

Do you recognize yourself in the following:

  • Have you been fired? 
  • Are you stuck? 
  • Have you lost your future perspective? 
  • Are you faced with a difficult choice? 
  • Do you want to be able to trust your gut feeling more? 
  • Do you want to follow your own compass more often and not the opinions of others? 
  • Do you have sleeping problems? 
  • Do you have neck complaints that you cannot get rid of? 
  • Do you feel constant tension? 
  • Upset stomach? 
  • Do you have a constant headache? 
  • Do you have a question you would like answered? 
  • Do you want to contact a deceased loved one? 

I take away anything that is holding you back from walking your own path and I give you back what you need to achieve your goal.

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