Training – coaching

Practical examples as a trainer / coach:

  • Absenteeism is high and the managers will have to put in all their effort. With a large proportion of the sick reports the cause is not medical. How can I train my supervisor on recognizing the often unconscious signals given by the persons?
  • In the Works Council of a merging company, there is a lot of talk about each other instead of talking to each other. After analyzing the situation, I started working 5 sessions with the Works Council (through training on identity & leadership forms, effective communication and on-the-job training) after which the board functions as a team again.
  • Personal coaching: I coach international clients from, among others, America, India and Curacao via skype. Also telephone coaching and face to face coaching, business coaching and executive coaching such as coaching a sales director how he can handle the (constantly furious) board member.
  • Business coaching: An interim manager continuously receives the same assignments in the same work environment and therefore runs into the same problems. As a business coach, I have started a project with the client, where there has been focussed on work in progress, as a result of which he now receives assignments in other branches. The negotiations prior to the assignment run (more) smoothly , earnings (hourly rate) are higher, working method during the projects is (more) clear and there are hardly any conflicts anymore. The customer feels to be able to work from his own identity.

“People listen to me again on the work floor”

My approach is always: “people, desires and behavior”

Whether we put 10 people in a building (company) or 2 people in a house (relationship) everything can be traced back to people, desires and behavior. Behavior and desires can be analyzed and influenced as a result of which a turn can occur, resulting in positive synergy in both the short and the long term. 

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