Speed, effectiveness and feasibility are of the utmost importance for me. I work clearly, analytically, comprehensively, purposefully, quickly, safely and humanly. I do not like fuss and making things bigger. However complex a situation is; it can always be explained and therefore changed / influenced.


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Behavioral analysis

As a behavioral analyst I include a number of things in my analysis by default: Issues such as participant, observer, space, clarity and safety, which explain their behavior and desires in the event of their absence. From this route every behavior can be explained and influenced.

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Conflict mediation

Conflicts have existed for as long as mankind exists. Much more important is what we can do with it. What can we learn from preventing us from falling into patterns and, above all, how we turn the conflict into a solution.

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Training / coaching

Trainer (effective leadership, effective communication, working from your identity).
Coaching (business coach, personal coach, executive coach, company coach).

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